HQ – Live and Unplugged (2020) || de live-EP

Deze live-EP is digitaal te beluisteren via Spotify en de andere grote streamingplatforms.

  1. Dundee (Live at Nijmegen Smeltsessies) || 04:31 [Chris* – Stijn Dols]
  2. Mrs. Bowmore (Live at Nijmegen Smeltsessies) || 02:40 [Chris* – Stijn Dols]
  3. Go Back (Live at Nijmegen Smeltsessies) || 02:53 [Stijn* – Chris Dols]
  4. Heart of Stone (Live at L1 Radio) || 03:08 [Stijn* – Chris Dols]
  5. Catch a Dream a.k.a. A Quest for Love (Live at L1 Radio) || 02:40 [Stijn* – Chris Dols]
  6. Emma (Live at L1 Radio) || 04:15 [Chris* – Stijn Dols]

* Lead Singer

© Chris & Stijn Dols, 2020
Digitally released on April 24th

Collaborating musicians
Chris Dols – vocals and guitars
Stijn Dols – vocals and guitar
Bart Willemse –  vocals and guitar [1-3]

All songs and lyrics written by Chris & Stijn Dols

Songs 1-3 recorded by Jeroen Kruit, Paul Meijer, and William Swartjes at the Nijmegen Honig Quarter on 12 March 2019. Special thanks to Smeltsessies host Roy Soetekouw

Songs 4-6 recorded by L1 Radio at the former Midwifery School in Heerlen on 5 October 2019. Special thanks to sound engineer Erwin Jacob and presenters Jolien Linssen and Wouter Nelissen

All songs mastered by William Swartjes at Local Sound Design Studio, Deventer

Photography and artwork by Roy Soetekouw